Innovative • Agile • Independent

30 Years of Service
30 Years of Service

Since opening our doors in 1987 Multicell has become the largest independent manufacturer of box partitions in North America. As an Independent box partition manufacturer, we are not bound by any corporate contract or commitment to purchase our raw materials from a sister company. Multicell has the ability to surround ourselves with raw material partners, offering the best service and quality at competitive prices to help fulfill our customers’ needs.

Our sister company, Box Partition Technologies analyzes customer and market needs to customize and the build the most effective manufacturing equipment in today’s packaging market. This equipment allows us to consistently supply the best lead times on orders at competitive prices.

In addition, Multicell’s Innovative engineering group prides themselves on designing the most economical interior packaging to supply adequate protection for customers’ products. Package design and sampling are done in a timely manner to meet our customers’ sense of urgency.

Multicell takes pride in our Agility. We bring our responsive approach to design, quotations and sampling, and ultimately to the production of premium products on the most advanced and efficient equipment in the world. Multicell’s strong work ethic and desire to meet customers’ needs are why we have become the leading supplier in the marketplace.

Continuously pursuing and providing Innovation in equipment and product design, engaging Agility with our staff and process, and relying on our Independence from large suppliers allows Multicell to confidently and consistently meet our customers’ needs.