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Spirits, Wine, Beer & Food

Multicell’s long history of service in the food, beverage and spirits market goes all the way back to the beginning of our company. We have always supplied superior quality products with fast service, making sure our customers can maintain their packaging lines at top efficiency.

In recent years many companies packaging food, beverages, and spirits are finding fully assembled partitions are not necessary for the packaging of their products. However, they do still need a low cost product that supplies the degree of protection that is necessary for their individual product.

For these customers, Multicell has developed:

  • “Pax Six” — An alternative to conventional six-cell assembled partitions. It is approximately 20 percent less expensive than the same conventional six-cell partition.
  • “Pax Six Auto” — A version of the Pax Six partition that is capable of running on Automatic Erection and Inserting equipment. (Multicell is in development of this product and in search of partners with Auto Insertion equipment interested in testing this version of our product). Anticipated saving on this product are approximately 20 percent over conventional and glued over 6 cell partitions.

Additional products Multicell supplies:

  • Custom Glue inserts
  • U-Pads
  • Strip Products
  • Pads