Innovative • Agile • Independent


Multicell Packaging Inc. is a manufacturer of assembled chipboard and corrugated box partitions, also known as box dividers, or egg crates. Multicell Packaging was established in 1987, and today is the largest independent manufacturer in North America. As an independent, Multicell maintains the freedom to purchase raw materials from the best suppliers. This allows Multicell to supply premium quality and service at competitive prices.

Multicell’s sister company; Box Partition Technologies Inc., is the most innovative manufacturer of box partition packaging equipment in the world. Box Partition Technologies is able to fabricate state of the art manufacturing equipment for packaging. This unique ability allows design and manufacture of the most versatile and agile box partition machinery in the world. This translates into the best lead times and the widest variety of box partitions at competitive prices.

Multicell Packaging has manufacturing facilities in Lawrenceville, GA (suburban Atlanta) and also Kutztown PA (a distant suburb of Philadelphia). Both facilities have the ability to service the whole east coast and the mid-west economically, with next day shipping service in most instances.